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The VAT rules changed in January 2015. Help me collect information and resources to help micro-businesses that are caught up in the change.

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Links, information and posts by others to help with implementing the changes.

VAT Rate information


There are a number of products and services appearing that you can sell through (removing your personal liability for VAT) or that can help registered businesses with the compliance aspects. I am collating that information here.

Products and Services information

Blog posts and other information

As we all figure out what to do, it would be great if people could write up their implementation experience - either on their own blog or add a page here and link it up. While we can't assume that one business is identical to another, a lot of us are going to be using the same providers and selling the same sorts of products. Can we save each other some legwork by sharing what we have learned?

Some people have queried whether it is contrary to anti-discrimination laws to refuse to sell to other EU countries. Sections 33,34,35 of this document suggest that it could be, but not if you could show that costs of registering for VAT/MOSS would put 'excessive strain' on your business.