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The VAT rules changed in January 2015. Help me collect information and resources to help micro-businesses that are caught up in the change.

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Links and resources

HMRC, UK Gov and EU Information

Official documentation and guides.

Information from tax professionals

Articles and posts from accountancy firms, taxation news sites and so on. Things which we could assume to have professional understanding of how the new rules work.

Information from third party suppliers

There are a number of companies springing up with services that may help people navigate these problems. Many of these are producing material that is useful. However I felt it work identifying information coming from businesses who stand to benefit from the issue.

Other information

Posts from people trying to implement the rules, angry rants and anything else that couldn't be classed as an official source or any sort of advice but might be of help.

Forums and discussion

Talk with other people in the same boat. Please remember that advice given on any forum may not reflect reality, avoid making business decisions until you have confirmed the advice.

Press Coverage